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Diolini Designers take into account your wishes, habits, lifestyle, family, they will create a kitchen project especially for you.

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The design of each kitchen is created from scratch, taking into account the nuances of room planning and ergonomics.


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In order to make the interior of the house not look like a panic bustle during a natural disaster, this process must be approached carefully and decisively, as something exciting and at the same time inevitable. And, believe us, this is quite possible. However, in a rush for something extraordinary, sometimes the essence is lost, the purpose with which some items of the kitchen set were purchased is forgotten, and their functionality is lost.

Good design is not all that you need. Nowadays ergonomics dictates fashion, so convenience, comfort and practicality is valued. The main rule of decorating the interior - do not lose your head, seeing "something" of your favourite colour. After all, this sudden moment of joy may cost you several years of bitter tears. This beautiful thing can be extremely unconsidered and difficult to organize, often breaking down and bringing a lot of irritation and discomfort.

Freedom of movement, and accordingly speed, are the most important criteria for a properly designed space. This is especially true in the kitchen, where several unsuccessful seconds can spoil the mood for the whole day, and inconvenient conditions can completely hinder the preparation of food. Today, the kitchen interior is an art. It is an art of arranging space, adjusting its functionality and, of course, decor. And in order to combine all of these qualities you do not need a large kitchen, you just need professionals who will turn the place for cooking into another incredible room of your home, in which you really want to spend time.

The modern world opens up many possibilities, offers innovative blessings of civilization, which can be implemented at home. However, not everyone can use them, or rather, not everyone knows about their existence in Lviv. The Soviet model of "living standards" of the last century has rooted in society so much that it still exists. The problem is based on the fact that people continue to try to do everything according to the rules that are not relevant today. They make their own home uncomfortable and even unbearable for themselves.

And for the sake of what is that? For the sake of the rules that came down fifty years ago?

DioLini Company manufactures modern kitchens in Lviv, which meet all modern requirements of European quality and customer's personal needs. Italian standards and Lviv production with the use of innovative equipment allows to make durable, comfortable and beautiful kitchen.

DioLini is a company that creates non-standard furniture for non-standard projects, calculated to the nearest centimetre. It is perfection in detail. That is why we pay a lot of attention to all elements such as furniture quality, methods of its installation, materials of bases and baseboards, thickness of a glass apron and other details.

Among the interesting innovations that we offer are:
• mixers with a separate outlet for filtered water (no need to put two mixers);
• three-storied dishwashers (with a separate compartment for tableware, which does not impede washing up of large dishes);
• tip-blutotion - a lightweight cabinet and drawer system (one click) and a cushioning (when closing); there is no handle on the furniture;
• built-in sensors, allowing to turn on the light by touching a certain object or furniture;
• glass "apron" (8 mm thick - this thickness specifies the required strength);
• built-in illumination inside the cabinets;
• and there are plenty of innovations!

Lviv kitchen DioLini is the largest showroom of custom-made kitchen. If you have only bought your own home or for several months, you are making a plan of kitchen arrangement, and maybe you do not know exactly where to start, please contact us. We are ready to fulfil your dream in all details.